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1. Are you passionate about your business?
2. Do you have a clearly documented business plan summarized into a 2/3 page Vision/Business Plan?
3. Are your Core Values documented and imbibed by all your staff?
4. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition that is clearly communicated in your marketing?
5. Do all your staff have annual and quarterly targets?
6. Do you have business goals for this year?
7. Do you have a 5-year strategic plan?
8. Do you have a 10 year target/Vision Statement?
9. Do you have a marketing & sales plan?
10. Do you have a customer feedback system?
11. Do you have a policies & processes manual?
12. Do you have regular weekly meetings?
13. Do you have a company organogram?
14. Do you have detailed Job Descriptions with Values requirements?
15. Do you have an active training plan?
16. Do you have a performance management system?
17. Do you have an Organization scorecard?
18. Do you have key personnel in charge of 1.sales/business development 2. Operations 3. Finance?
19. Do you have a system for competitor analysis?
20. Do you produce budgets, monthly accounts and variance analysis?