Building a career involves a lot more than going to work every day and collecting a check at the end of the month. A successful career is built by recognizing all the elements that go into career growth then tailoring and applying them to your specific career. Here are steps that countless successful career people have taken to move them to the top of their careers.

  1. Choose a career you love and are basically skilled at – Align your desired career options with your skills, passions and interests. This way, you give yourself the best shot at success.
  2. Design your dream career – Now that you know the career you want to build, where do you see yourself going in that career? What do you hope to achieve? Articulate these goals and plot the path to them as you progress in your career.
  3. Invest in a great CV – The first impression most recruiters will have of you is your CV. It’s a foot in the door and you should make sure its your best foot. A great CV is almost half the battle won. Write a great CV (or have one written for you) then blow recruiters away during your interview.
  4. Read – Books contain a wealth of information that is just sitting there, right under our noses. There are e-books and even audio books for those who need to read on the go. There’s no excuse for not reading! Read extensively and broaden your perspective.
  5. Work hard, be a problem solver – Hard work never killed anyone. Work hard and tackle problems that come your way. The same way our body creates antibodies after illness to fight that illness if it ever returns is the way whenever you solve a problem, you have prepared yourself for other problems that arise in the future.
  6. Dress the part – Dress for success. Dress the way you want to be addressed. Keep in mind that your great speech or amazing idea is way down the rungs on the ladder of first impressions.
  7. Have a positive can-do attitude – A positive attitude can be the difference between resolving a problem and being overwhelmed by it. Believing “I can do this” makes it that much more likely to be true. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way, you are right!!
  8. Stay focused and manage your time – Make your goals clear and constantly remind yourself of them. Remain focused and practice positive time management skills. Learn to prioritize for increased levels of productivity and be wary of spending all your time in one arena of life.
    The ultimate goal should be a balanced life, and a successful career is only one facet of that.
  9. Learn high emotional intelligence – Existing in society requires interaction with others. Emotional intelligence affects the way we interact with others on a daily basis and high emotional intelligence is extremely useful for anyone looking to succeed in their career in particular or life in general
  10. Become a great communicator – Communication is the only way to convey your thoughts and feelings to others. Contrary to popular opinion, it does not end until feedback is received. You can spend hours talking at people and leave without communicating with them. Study the art of communication and use it to propel you to a successful career
  11. Be discreet and keep personal problems at home – Any successful career requires a degree of discretion. It affects the amount of trust people have in you which affects whether they will do business with you or be associated with you. Keep your private life private. Be careful what you share.
  12. Fail forward – Let’s face it, failure is a part of life. Since it is going to happen anyway, why not fail forward? Learn from the failure and use it to take a step further in the right direction.
  13. Take care of your health – You need the energy to succeed. Also, you want to stick around to enjoy the fantastic career you have planned. Take care of yourself, exercise, go for regular check-ups, get enough rest, and remember to have fun!
  14. Develop a great network – have mentors and a sponsor – A good network is essential to a successful career. Your network helps you reach places you wouldn’t otherwise have access to and exponentially increases the number of people working towards sending opportunities your way. Have both people you look up to as well as people that can provide you with support. Establish these connections and maintain them.
  15. Stick at it, be patient – A career is a venture that spans across many years, so patience is an important part of succeeding at one. Job hopping is usually a red flag for recruiters; assess situations as calmly as possible and do remember to be patient.

Remember always to Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams, Day by Day